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General Dentistry

Taking care of yourself by taking care of your teeth is a smart move. Routine expert teeth cleaning, oral health screenings, and low-radiation, digital X-rays are essential to stay healthy. Dr. Glen will identify the best care plan for your oral health ranging from forming preventative oral hygiene habits to addressing any concerns that may arise.
Routine dental cleanings allow us to remove plaque build-up from places you may not be able to reach with a toothbrush at home, such as underneath the gum line and in-between teeth. These deep-cleanings help avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear and more. If there are any problems that need addressed, such as gum disease or the need for root canals, these regular exams allow us to identify any issues and treat them right away.
Dr. Glen also fits mouthguards for athletes who need them.
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